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Congrats to Joseph & Persia!!!!
Married July 5th in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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Jimmy Drmody & Richard HarrowBE

Jimmy Drmody & Richard Harrow

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Mason Verger looks like a reject from some fucked up Joker/Nightmare on Elm Street cosplay what the fuck 1000000000% done with this ridiculous show

eta: his fucking NOSE like SO DONE w/ this show why did no one warn me about this how did y’all deal with watching season two week by week jfc

I didn’t care for Mason Verger either.  He primarily came off as a 1960s Batman villain.  In Tome-wan he sounded like a parody of Fire Marshall Bill (Jim Carey/ILC).  I only tolerate the character because I like Michael Pitt. 

I also never cared for “Team Sassy Science”.  Jimmy Page came off very cartoonish & the Team as a whole had a “Fireside Girls” (Phineas & Ferb) vibe to it.  I tolerate the character since I like Scott Thompson as well. However, Beverly Katz was great when she was interacting with Will Graham.

Happy 32nd Birthday Tom MisonJuly 23, 1982
Photo:  Zimbio

Happy 32nd Birthday Tom Mison
July 23, 1982

Photo:  Zimbio


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Last set of Olicity touches from Season 2.  If this is what we got in Season 2, I can’t wait for season 3’s touches.  Come on, Oliver, by season’s end I hope you kiss that girl for real.